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A Site that is completely based on Flash opens up completely new possibilities in web design. These sites are not recommended for all business but for some they are highly recommended and may be extremely useful.


Flash sites are open to possibilities to be burned in CD / DVD format, which can be used for promotional purposes of distributing discs to clients and partners.



It is possible to make different and interesting programs using Flash. Everything is about ideas. For example have a look at Body Mass Index, calories calculator. Such a tool or a quiz you can devise yourself and we will turn your idea into action. Internet presentations are completed with such content, which makes the visitors to permanently return and even recommend some specific contents to friends.


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Flash animations will look the same on different browsers, as long as they are supplied with necessary additions. If something on the website “on the move”, it is likely that this something is animated in Flash.

The combination of HTML and Flash is always a good solution, because it leaves the possibility of animation and full connectivity with searching tools. Flash animation provides the website with necessary liveliness and makes it interesting. However, at these sites the full animation is lost, but the possibility that it can be used as a commercial CD presentation is gained and also it can be used as professional presentation on a projector.

Flash animations can vary in complexity. The duration of the animation, is of influence on its making and developing and consequently on its price..

Flash animation can be done in such a manner so the client has space for individual changes. For example, it is possible that while making animations we can leave the opportunity for the client to change the text or the images.

Flash banner is actually a simple flash animation, and in its simplicity it catches the attention of the visitors’ lot easier then banners made in GIF, JPEG or other formats.

If you have ever presented a paid banner, then you probably know that all sites provide certain limitations on the dimensions and size in kilobytes. Many people think that banners made in Flash technology carry more kilobytes, which is absolutely not true. Flash banner, if it is completely done in vectors, can be just a few kilobytes, which is practically negligible, and as such will open up even before any other content on the site. Even in the case that the banner should contain a picture, since the Flash compresses the images astonishingly good, it will carry less than ordinary static picture.

The advantage of setting up a flash banner is in the possibility of creating a likable animation, which increases the interest of potential visitors, and clicks on the banner.

A website completely done in flash technology is something that catches the eye. In design sense that is the culmination of today's Internet. We make such sites in a professional manner by doing everything in vector graphics, so that the finished file would be as small as possible and get opened up as quickly as possible.

All full Flash sites that we have made so far are under 800kb, which is the recommended standard for today's Internet, since there are still many users with slow Internet. Certain contents do not load immediately, but only after going to the animated page.

However your objectives and the market come first. So, our business ethics requires that we always suggest to you a business solution fitting your current and future needs. Having that in mind, the flash sites are not always recommended.

Flash sites are not recommended for sites where the content of the material presented is frequently changed and also when it is important for the site to be well-rated among search tools. But today more and more search tools recognize the contents of the flash presentation and the content can be changed and updated if the flash presentation is well planned. Finally today we are able to connect flash with database, and even to create a full flash ecommerce.

It is important to know that Full Flash Ecommerce with CMS (Content Management System) in the background, is certainly the highlight of today's Internet, which only big companies can afford. We are able to create such a system for you and we sincerely hope to work on such interesting projects.

Sites completely made in flash technology can easily be transferred to CD, DVD or other format, and then distributed to potential clients or partners. So, this way you can transfer a complete site to the field of traditional marketing.

On the other hand, for example, people love to play. If you have a good idea, you can devise an interesting game or a quiz, and distribute them through these formats. On this disk you can subtly advertise your company, products or services, or even directly invite the potential clients to your website.

Once even the serious business presentations were made in the popular Power Point or similar tools. But today, managers, especially when it comes to opportunities to get big business turn to professional support. The same is true for large gatherings, company anniversaries and similar events.

When you have such a request, all you have to do is transfer your ideas to us and we shall develop a unique website with the possibility to be displayed via video projector or video beams.

The Flash can not do advanced games. But there is always the possibility of making simpler but equally interesting games that will enrich your Internet presentation and most importantly will make the site more interesting to visitors.

On the other hand it is possible to make various tutorials (directions), through which it is much easier to train users for certain activities. This way of treating visitors, clients, is certainly better than to offer them a PDF file and similar as a guide.

It is possible to make useful programs in other technologies, but if you need a visually appealing and animated program then definitely contact our team.

Did you know that it is possible to make TV ads via flash technology? If your future advertising does not necessarily include the appearance of the living characters, it is possible that we can create for you an ad using Flash technology or combine it with 3D tools, which would make significant savings.