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There are owners of companies, who decide to make a web site just because they heard that everyone has one or to show of in front of their friends. T o such people we suggest to turn the site off, because, in time, it becomes a source of misguiding info which may directly or indirectly harm the company.

Our services are segmented depending on the requests. Thus it is possible for you to ask that we consult you on these matters or a do a full service of management and assisting in directing, monitoring and analysis of marketing campaigns.

It is impossible for us to present the prices of these services. You need to familiarize us with your intentions and the extent of the desired promotion. And if you decide that you need professional assistance, please, contact us.

Most visited Serbian website today

B92.net is the most visited Serbian website today, with the current Page Rank of 6/10. For Serbs, this is the world’s 8th site, for Bosnians 31st, for Croats 118th, the Slovenes 196th and for the Americans 8102th. This site is among the world's first 1000 sites.

Banner on the home page on www.B92.net ranges from 80,000 to 260,000 dinars per month depending on the size and the place at which it appears. However, there are companies such as Belmedic that keep their banner on B92.net home page for several years. Do you know why?

Internet Marketing

Consulting Services

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Preparation and optimization of the site for the search tools

Marketing within the site

Mapping site pages

Link exchange

Visitation Analysis

Marketing through keyword

Two-way communication

Combining of Internet and traditional marketing

Analysis and monitoring of campaigns

Quality optimization of the web site, in another words the preparation for future Internet marketing activities, is impossible without previous consulting.

It is necessary that we get to know your business, goals, competition and the market and also it is necessary that we know your intentions and decide on the dynamics of performance.

Search engines recognize and deal with each page of the site separately. So, each page is important to you, only some are a bit less important.

If you think that you finished the job by setting the Meta tags, keywords, you are absolutely wrong. Keywords in Meta tags are meaningless unless they actually are on the page. And the new heuristics of Google robots (the most important for good ranking in searches) does not include reading Meta tags. For the reason of abuse Google solved the matter in a different way, because they do not want to display the links on their results page that actually have nothing to do with the particular search.

When choosing keywords, our team uses the tool for the analysis of the value of keywords. Only after the analysis and coordination the site is optimized for keywords.

Internal marketing of the sit, primarily means that all links are working and directing you to the right destination. But it is necessary to make many more steps: add titles for each link, optimization and construction of movement of the potential visitors. Finally, if the images are an important part of the site content it is necessary to optimize them also.

When talking about the sitemap many people think that it is important to have a sitemap page. This page on the website is actually used for easier navigation when it comes to complex sites.

However, the most important for optimizing and search is actually an XML Sitemap which is a document that shows the web robots, the site map, a page's importance and the date changes on the pages. A Document created this way should be updated periodically, when adding new pages or making changes in existing pages. There are also Sitemaps for news and by applying to Google news you can have news from your site appear on the website news.google.com

Finally, regarding the managing systems that we make, it is possible that the system automatically generates the background map or news map. This advanced system is used on the www.balkans.com site and their news regularly appears on Google's site, which significantly increases the visitations to the site.

When the site is finally ready, it connects to the Google search engine related tools (75% search on the net is done by Google), which is very important for the future page rank (ranking of a page by a search tool). After that, it is necessary to make the search and set up links wherever possible, bearing in mind the specific activities of the company. And finally, ask friends to post the link or, even better, a banner.

For the analysis of the site visitation it is possible to use the tools offered by hosting companies. However professional monitoring and analysis of site visitation requires advanced tools. In this line of work we use Google Analytics, which is especially important if it is all about sponsored advertising by keywords.

Internet advertising is still the cheapest way of advertising that you can buy. And it is the only kind of advertising, where you can fully target the market. Having that in mind, it is in every sense the most useful and most profitable way of spending money on advertising.

The Price of keywords differs on their importance. To put it in another words, it depends on the competition for a particular word. So, it can go from 0.5 U.S. cents up, and even cost a few dollars per click. Prices of keywords vary and may change daily.

This is the moment where abilities of the person doing the Internet marketing campaign come to the fore. Simply put, it is necessary for as little money as possible to bring the most targeted visitors possible.

Once you get the targeted visitor to the site it is necessary to turn him into a permanent visitor. Beside the basic requirements such as visibility, quaintness, precision and functionality of the site it is necessary to achieve a two-way communication.

Web site should contain all necessary information for making contact and in all possible varieties: by phone, mail, fill out forms, specific questionnaires etc. Everything must be made functional. If necessary a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page could be set and the visitors could actively engage in certain activities.

Finally, newsletter applications are one of the best ways of keeping customers informed and achieving a two-way communication. Visitors who subscribe to our newsletter are definitely loyal customers, up until the moment of cancellation. To successfully perform this job certain tools are required that facilitates the creation and sending mass emails.

Whichever way the company chooses to advertise in traditional sense, once it has a quality site, it is necessary to point out the address of the site. So if it is a flyer it needs to contain an address, if it is a TV commercial it should also point out the address of the site.

According to the ad, made in the traditional way, and depending on the intensity of advertising also in traditional ways, the preparation of the homepage is done. For example, if in a given campaign you are promoting a specific product or a service, then that product or that service should be clearly found on the home page of the site, until the next campaign.

In the field of Internet advertising through banners it is possible to place banners on frequently visited sites and increase the visitation percentage.

Today, the vast majority of businesses are a subject to promotion via Internet. Some business’ profits may even be significantly affected by direct sales via Internet. Actually, the best approach to a serious enterprise is the combining of marketing activities in a traditional manner and the Internet.

Did you know that through quality analysis and movement of traffic on the site, it is possible to monitor the results of individual marketing campaign? This applies equally to Internet marketing and traditional marketing campaigns. If the campaign is divided on timed check points, it is possible to precisely determine the relationship between the invested and obtained from the individual campaign.

For example, a company is ready to, in a certain undetermined period of time; invest a certain amount of money in promotional activities. Based on their budget, the activities of the company and the target market, initially the ways of promotion are chosen. Suppose that the company has chosen a traditional way marketing by placing ads in selected newspapers or magazines, through flyers, through billboards and also through paid banners on highly visited sites. The Point of directing and drawing the best results is NOT to run campaigns in all three media simultaneously. The Point is to extract a certain percentage of the money, for example 30% of the budget, then launches the campaign in intervals, so it is possible to determine, by analytical treatment of the site, the success of each campaign individually. Then, the rest of the planned budget directs precisely according to the results of the analysis, which maximizes campaign results, and the money allocated for marketing is not just thrown away but spent rationally.