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We are not offering only graphic design and production of Internet sites. We are offering consulting, development and ideas. We are offering you a complete solution in order to improve your own business.

Our team consists of professional designers and programmers with years of experience, and specialists in economics and marketing.


DELL is, by our choice, the best and most reliable brand of computers. In the west they can no longer be found in free sales. This prestigious company has decided to completely switch to Internet business. The costs are reduced to minimum, which is incomparably large gain compared to a small decline in sales. However, sales will grow, and DELL will, in the years to come, most certainly be a leading company in the field of hardware.

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The beginning of almost every project is actually getting to know one another. You are introducing us with your company, products and services, personnel, policies, goals and what you want to achieve, in short, what you expect from the cooperation with our team.

Our goal is to give you, beside a unique and attractive presentation, a product that will bring you certain benefits.

It is necessary that we collect all relevant information and other materials, to be able to define the framework and objectives of the project. Even then you can specify a price and timescale. Of course, we are here also to give you advice, to suggest options based on the capabilities, state of the target markets, competition and the activities of other influential factors.

Web site provides contact with consumers and can be a very useful way of developing a two-way communication. It does not necessarily have to be directed towards new clients, but to convert the existing clients to loyal ones.

Many people decide to own a web site, but do not define in advance the reasons for that decision and do not define the goals of having a web presentation. For a web presentation to be a success it needs to set a solid foundation, based on knowledge of the specifics of its own customers, markets and competition. Otherwise, by having a poor web presentation on the Internet, a client will not only achieve nothing, but could damage his own reputation and hard gained trust, and also make for himself direct and indirect costs.

A Web site should be a product of a clear vision. And that vision must be correlated with the business activities and the image that the market has of that company.

Doing business over the Internet can not be neglected anymore. Today more and more people use the Internet on daily basis and it is difficult to find any jobs that do not acquire an Internet presence. The right question to ask is how many direct or indirect uses can a professional, organized, useful, updated and attractive Web site bring to its owner.

Unique, distinctive, appealing to visitors, user friendly… There is not even such a big difference between working in a company building and arranging a web site. In that spirit, the site should also handle showcase, welcome visitors, allow them comfortable motion, answer every question, just the same as personnel should in an actual building.

The aim of having an Internet site should be representing the company, products and services, the best way possible, and providing certain benefits to visitors in order to convert them into permanent visitors. If it is desired it should be to possible to develop a two-way communication in order to better introduce the clients and potential clients.

CMS is the software that actually stands in the background of the site. Depending on the actual needs and complexity of the services and information you provide, these systems can vary. .

According to your specific needs, we can develop a system with controls in your native language or language of choice. The system can contain, user administrative management, text content management, creating of new pages, management of photo galleries, management of video and audio content, web search, web forms, newsletter systems etc. It is necessary to understand the actual and future needs, so the constructing of your web system could cost less, and still satisfy your need for independent updating of your presentation.

It is a serious step, because it is not enough just to make an appealing site. Just as a real life business, if it is not appropriately settled, in a crowded area, if there is no quality or a cheap offer, if there is not adequate spacing, then it will run poorly and eventually be closed.

We can set up and develop your business. For that to happen, a good plan is needed, also good organizing and communication, continuous investment, analytical approach, combining traditional methods and Internet marketing.

The company whose products and services are subject to sales via Internet certainly made the right move, making a huge leap into the future. The Investing is significantly lesser than opening a new store. Development of a site need not be financially burdened by the demands of constant cost, but it is possible to invest according to the capabilities, or even stop investing for some time. And for all that time your site is working for you whether you invest or not.

Success of an Internet site is not guaranteed, but with a professional approach, continuous work and investment it is inevitable. Of course, the level of return on invested varies, depending on company activities, development of competition and markets etc.

Finally, it is a silly notion that the site is made once for all time. If the nature company work is such that frequent changes to the site are not necessary, and then you need to, at least occasionally, invest time and / or money into Internet marketing and website address showing whenever possible (in other often visited sites, printed and other promotional materials and other media).